New – Public Health Twitter Journal Club


Welcome to the first post of Public Health Twitter Journal Club.

See the About link to find out more about its origins and people.

We would love to receive comments and suggestions about the focus of the journal club and its format (eg days/times for the real-time Twitter chat for journal club to take place).  Also of course, suggestions for papers (see Suggestions for Papers link).

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2 Responses to New – Public Health Twitter Journal Club

  1. Fi Douglas says:

    My only comment would be not to set a date and time that clashes with Twitter Journal Club, This would be fine with e.g. Astronomy Journal Club, because it’s such a different field. But with Public Health and Twitter JCs, many people are going to be interested in both (when we looked at Rose, BMJ, 1981, it was one of the most popular) and it would be a shame for people not to be able to attend both.

  2. phtwitjc says:

    I agree Fi, we will def avoid your #twitjc slots as there is a lot of synergy, I have just added a new post about this. Thanks for your post.

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