..more papers… more format questions

Tonight a few more articles were added to the Suggestions for Papers page. All were provided via the magic of Twitter [#PHTwitJC]. There are now 10 listed,.

There’s a great variety of topic areas and paper types, from sports injuries to enabling physical activity to more policy related discussions (‘nudge; obesity; climate change); from RCTs to commentaries. This probably reflects only a small part of the diversity of ‘health’ /public health interests within the potential ‘club’, which is really exciting.

Please continue to suggest papers if you have bright ideas – via Twitter, or using comments – we just won’t add them to the choices for our ‘first time’ just yet.


See poll on scheduling club discussions (prev post) .

An alternative mode has been suggested though: a more open time frame such as a 24-hour slot  for archiving (as opposed to one hour).

Benefits: more inclusive (time zones, other commitments..) – poss. wider selection of participants

Disadvantages: ? possibly lose the immediacy of real time ‘chat’ /continuity of discussion?

 Would be great to hear views.

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