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The Public Health Twitter Journal Club provides a place where academics, students and practitioners in fields related to public health can discuss relevant publications.  It works just like a traditional journal club except it is in the format of a ‘Twitter chat’.  It is an inclusive forum – anyone is welcome to contribute or follow the discussion.

It was inspired by the original Twitter Journal Club, which focuses on research in clinical medicine.

You can suggest papers or contribute at any time using the Twitter hashtag #PHTwitJC . If you want to make sure you get reminders/updates about upcoming chats, follow our account @PHTwitJC on Twitter.

A good tip for scheduled chat times is to use the website TweetChat.  Go to the PHTwitJC ‘room’, (or enter #PHTwitJC in the Tweetchat search box),  and you can see all tweets with our hashtag. You can use Tweetchat to follow the discussion, even if you do not have a Twitter account. However, if you want to contribute, you need to log in to Twitter using the button on the top right of the page. Tweetchat  automatically adds the hashtag to your posts -an added bonus, as this is easily forgotten.

For more detailed instructions on how a Twitter chat/ journal club works and tips on joining in, please see the excellent ‘how it works‘ explanation by Twitter Journal Club.

#PHTwitJC started in 2011, and we are always keen for ideas and suggestions of how to improve and engage more widely.  To this end, we do an annual evaluation survey.

Evaluation survey results 2012


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