Suggestions for papers

This is the place where you can tell us about anything that you think we should cover (papers or topics).  Which papers are chosen is likely to be decided by those who participate, so get involved!

Add your ideas as a comment below. Alternatively, tweet your ideas using the #PHTwitJC hashtag.

When sumbitting papers, please consider these initial parameters:

  • Papers which are published in open-access journals will be prioritised (see fairly comprehensive list here)
  • ‘Public health’ topics are not restricted to public health ‘medicine’ but also include the discussion of ‘health’ in widest sense, including environmental factors, health promotion, related policy, etc.
  • Non-clinical and clinical papers will be considered
  • Primary research studies are ideal for journal club critiquing, however do submit reviews /commentaries or interest and relevance to public health




3 Responses to Suggestions for papers

  1. Murfomurf says:

    Since Australia is having an awful tussle with mental health reform, perhaps some discussion of best evidence for early medication in beginning psychoses? The government here has made an enormous switch from funding better access for everyone to publicly funded mental health care, towards an emphasis on treating early psychoses. It’s a $2.2 billion budget so a change in emphasis means someone may miss out. Possible articles:
    PATRICK D. MCGORRY,1 EÓIN KILLACKEY,1,2 and ALISON YUNG1Early intervention in psychosis: concepts, evidence and future directionsWorld Psychiatry. 2008 October; 7(3): 148–156.
    McGorry is the mastermind behind the government’s new scheme.
    Victoria Bird et al. Early intervention services, cognitive–behavioural therapy and family intervention in early psychosis: systematic review Br J Psychiatry. 2010 November; 197(5): 350–356.
    There may be a better pair, but I’m not a specialist in psychosis treatment.

  2. Heather Catt says:

    I don’t know if this would be the type of article to be reviewed but I would like to suggest this analysis of suicides associated with the economic recession:

  3. Kate Thomson says:

    Thanks Heather, we may well be due another mental health related discussion soon, and that looks very current -thanks!

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